°Dibujos de tiktok/Alt tik toks drawing

Holaaam! 🐷

Este es mi primer video 😀
Espero q les guste mucho

Es una recopilación de tiki tokos de dibujos para que puedan practicar sus lindos dibujos💞

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  1. bruh i saw this in a other channel.. i think this girl stole the video to a other person…
    But btw i loved these vids but not expecting seeing this girl stole it to a other person…
    but yeah thats it Byee🎉❤

  2. Me: my art is so bad others: your is amazing even though I was drawing a Stickman me now : my art is okay others wow that's amazing I bet you could do amazing with no tutorials me: how do you think I can draw this good with no tutorials

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