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If you are brand new to digital art this is a good place to start. I talk about the basics of the hardware and software and what kind of things you should look for.



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  1. Oh my goodness I use the Wacom intuous draw I begged my mum to buy it when I was 12🤣 I'm so glad that it's one of the better pen tablets and it did stay with me for 4 years and worked when I gave it a new stylus so yes!! Wacom intuous strong 💪

  2. Get a iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil 2 and you are pretty good, also you don’t really need to pay for apps or software cuz there are already pretty decent apps free of cost.

  3. iPads are a lot less expensive now! The entry level iPad is $329 now, so even with an Apple Pencil the entry level iPad is under $500. That’s still pretty expensive, but the quality is worth it.

  4. ok, just a few weeks before, dare I say it……Christmas. What bang for the buck tablet do you suggest. Good deals on Samsung Flex, Lenovo Flex tab any other suggestions for a beginning digital artist that wants a stand alone product? Maybe a surface or an ipad air? Thanks

  5. thanks to this video 3 or so years ago when posted I bought my Huion 420 as a 12 year old and made enough of of commissions and other errands I ran for people that I was able to get a 7th gen iPad (It was $164.64). I now hope to pursue art and it's thanks to you

  6. If anyone ever reads this comment, I bought my XP Pen Artist 12 from Amazon for 200€. Cheapest one I found and works really well. It has a screen so you can draw directly on it. If you want to know more some youtubers have reviewed it.

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