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Drawing On This Phone ART APP Is IMPOSSIBLE.

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Today I tried painting and drawing on my phone via an art app. I used Procreate Pocket for this using a $10 amazon apple pencil! Here’s what I used in this video:

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✨ Procreate Pocket:

✨ IPhone Case:

✨ Apple iPad:
✨ iPad I use:
✨ My paintbrush line:

This was really fun to try a new art app, my last video:

Professional Artist Tries FREE ART APPS…I Can’t Believe These Exist. 😬

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  1. Hi all! I planned to use ibis paint in this video as well but unfortunately the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been struggling with my head being really weird. I’ve always suffered with headaches and work through them 95% of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going to faint at any given moment lol. As a result sitting with my neck bent down staring at a screen made it worse and I couldn’t stand to do it any longer for this video. So I will be using ibis paint in the future for those who have non apple products! Please see to 3:00 as an explanation for this as I think a lot of people presume I just use apple and don’t like non apple products. I’ve used non apple products for longer than I have apple products, so I explained that briefly at 3:00. Thanks!

  2. Hey chloe, I hope you well and like your video if possible can you send the stylus pen link i like to buy this one for drawings in iphone

  3. I researched the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4, and went with the Surface Pro 4, since I could use full photoshop and light room when editing photos and all that jazz. Ended up buying an iPad Pro and iPad mini a few years later anyway, lol. I love the convenience of an iPad compared to how slow computers tend to be to turn on, start up, and then open the drawing programs, tho that definitely improved when it started to sign me by recognizing my face, lol. The main difference I’ve noticed is Photoshop’s liquify tool is way better. The one on Procreate ends up blurring the area if you tweak it a lot, so then I have to sharpen it and it becomes slightly pixelated, but usually not a huge deal for me either way since I’m not doing anything professionally with it for now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. On the topic of people hating on ipads and ipad drawing because they prefer androids; i was one of those people, I've always prefered android devices because I'm used to them, they're often cheaper , and for me easier to use. However i recently started thinking of digital art and the ipad+ apple pencil seemed like the cheapest option for me (i got the gen2 pen on a discount for 95€ and the tablet is on a monthly payment with my phone plan which is a lot cheaper than outright buying an expensive screen, and my phone providers store had a wide variety of ipad models to choose from). I couldn't have been more wrong. When it comes to a phone or laptop,i definitely prefer windows/android, but the ipad is a great device. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's pretty fantastic. Battery lasts me a while, the pen and its features are top tier, and I'm already loving procreate. I also found that there's a ton more accessories that you can get for an ipad vs an android tablet, especially the matte/paper like screen protectors. I couldn't get one for my samsung s6 tablet anywhere, but i got one for my ipad in like a minute, and surprisingly from a company that's based in my country even (companies in my country don't usually sell a lot of accessories i see people use on YouTube , so i was really happy to finally get it). So if you're a dedicated android/windows user and looking for a drawing tablet, don't immediately entirely dismiss ipads just because you dislike apple products.

  5. Loved this video! I actually am a digital artist too and get this, I do my art on procreate pocket with just my fingers hehe and I do art commissions for people. I think it just takes a lot of practice on witch-ever device you use and eventually you will get somewhere. The undo button was a confusing one for me as well, anyone that has used procreate pocket before would know that they had to Google it as well ahah.

  6. I actually do ALL my professional art on my iPhone because I don’t own a tablet it’s not that bad once you get used to it I make decent money from making amazing art work on my phone 😊

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