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Full Digital Painting Process ✍🏻 Tutorial

In this video, I will guide you through the entire process of painting my new OC. I hope this tutorial helps you on your artistic journey!

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00:00 Step 1: Working with References
00:54 Step 2: Adjusting Canvas Settings
01:17 Step 3: Color Blocking
02:46 Step 4: Shading and Lighting
08:06 Step 5: Rendering

I love studying perspective, form, rendering, and color theory through character art. I hope you’ll enjoy watching!

Program/app: Procreate
Tool: IPad Pro 12.9 inch

#ipaddrawing #characterdesign #tanalieku

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  1. I've been following your work for a short time, and I already really enjoyed your videos, but now I have to tell you that you've done a really great job of presenting and explaining your process. I also sometimes paint with blocky shapes, so watching your videos makes me want to dig even deeper into this style, as it allows me to focus solely on the essential aspects of a painting. Well done, keep up the good work, you have my full support (if you're aiming for a Patreon in the future, I'll be there).

  2. Thanks, I really enjoy your videos!
    I'm curious about how do you not get lost in so many layers. Doesn't it slow you down? Do you ever merge them or just stack until you're done?

  3. inspiring improvement. to the point where i also started a youtube channel somewhere to see how far my skills will take me as well. great video although i would check the audio on the background music sometimes its too strong sometimes the adui level itself or the music itself is too strong either way keep going 👌

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