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“SHANHAI” is a 3D fantasyGameFi. The game concept is to create a world of ShanHai that truly belongs to the player, allowing players to freely take risks, make friends, and grow up in it. We believe that a good game not only needs to have rich gameplay and high-quality game graphics, but also needs to bring players into a real, interesting game world full of exploration and surprises.
In order to realize this idea, we made the core of the game an open world that players can explore freely. We bring players into a fantasy world, where players can feel the collision of history and reality, and the intersection of culture and technology.
At the same time, we also pay great attention to the social attributes of the game. We hope that in the game, players can make like-minded friends, fight side by side, and pursue their dreams together. Here, players can join various gangs, make comrades-in-arms, establish their own forces, and occupy a place in the world of ShanHai.

SHANHAI is the first 3D fantasy martial arts massively multiplayer online role-playing mobile game (MMORPG) based on blockchain technology. The world view of the game is based on UM COMPANY LIMITED original IP “Metaverse History”, which combines traditional classic culture and future fantasy elements, and has multiple competitive modes such as single-player dungeons and guild battles. In the vast U-6174 galaxy, virtuality and reality are interdependent, and destruction and rebirth are repeated. Players need to use skills as the core, constantly practice and strengthen, explore unknown areas together, dig out the true meaning of civilization, and create together while playing.

“SHANHAI” is a 3D MMORPG GameFibased onmythology. Its main gameplay includes the following aspects:
Martial arts training: The martial arts system in the game is very rich. Players can improve their strength and explore different martial arts realms by practicing internal skills, moves, and meridians.
Combat system: The game adopts a real-time combat system. Players need to flexibly use various martial arts skills and strategies in battle to fight against the enemy.
Tasks and plots: There are rich tasks and plots in the game, allowing players to understand the background and storyline of the game world. These quests usually reward the player with experience points, money, items, etc.
Gang system: There are multiple gangs in the game. Players can join different gangs and complete various tasks and battles with other players. The gang system also provides a variety of team activities, allowing players to meet, cooperate and communicate with each other.
In addition to the basic gameplay, “SHANHAI” also has some extended gameplay, such as dungeon, social interaction, and competition.
Dungeon gameplay: including Single instance and Multiplayer instance. The single-player dungeons include Linglongdan collection, Kung fu forbidden area, Bandit Stronghold, Sand table deduction, and Enlightenment. The Multiplayer instance include Secret passage testing, ShanHai trials, Eight Extra Meridians, and Hero Assembly.
Social system: including guilds, gangs and friends. Players can join a guild to explore, quest and communicate with other players. The guild system also provides various team activities, allowing players to meet, cooperate and communicate with each other. Gangs are the main gathering place for players, where players can learn skills, complete tasks, and participate in battles. The friend system facilitates communication and interaction between players. Players can add friends, send messages, and form expeditions in the friend system.
Extended gameplay: including Magic hall and Arena hall. In the Arena hall, players can choose Personal challenge, 3vs3, Polar mayhem, Competing for Hegemony and Gods’ battleground.
Marriage system: In the game, both parties who meet the conditions can get married, Single and opposite sex partners who are friends with each other, the level reaches 180, and the intimacy reaches 520. You can go to get married in the marriage system when the same scene is online. Propose marriage – Booking the wedding – Wedding parade – Wedding party – Hold the banquet – Being the couple, a set of procedures can complete the marriage.
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