Genesis Spirits – An Amazing NFT Collection – North Pole Wonderer

Genesis Spirits – An Amazing Collection

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Created Jul 2023
Creator earnings 3%
Chain Ethereum ·
Category Art

Greetings, I am El’ad, and I proudly embrace the path of a spiritual medium. My profound devotion to the divine fuels my passion to share its boundless wisdom. As you embark on this transformative journey with me, as the new custodian, you will gain exclusive access to a forthcoming private channel, promising a treasure trove of enlightening content akin to this captivating collection.

A wanderer on a mission to discover the center of the North Pole. My quest will document the inner earth and hidden civilizations throughout. 📍🇫🇮

I am wanderer on a mission to discover the depths and mysteries in the center of the mystical North Pole. The official twitter of Genesis Spirits NFT 👐

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