How To Make NFT Art in Photoshop | how to create nft art| Jayantha Arts

How To Make NFT Art in Photoshop | Artist process | Jayantha Arts
NFT art එකක් නිර්මාණය කරමු

Today I show you how to create nft art in Photoshop. I make step by step how to make nft design with this if you want to learn how to design nft digital art, how to make nft beginner,thank you.

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  1. Hey great video!!! You used the Adobe Photoshop right? Also can we create NFT art using Illustrator? On the whole which of these two do you think can make more creative NFT art? Pls do reply thank you

  2. You just did a video for us to watch, You never taught anything, If you cannot speak, Then you have show subtitle under your video to explain everything so we read that to understand what you are presenting to us..

  3. අපිට බැරිද ෆොටෝෂොප් වලින් විතරක් ඔහොම ඩිසයින් එකක් හදාගන්න.ඇස් කන් වෙන වෙනම ගුගල් එකෙන් වගේ අරගෙන ඔහොම හදාගන්න බැරි වෙයිද.අපිට ඔහොම ස්කිල් නෑ.එහෙම නැති අයට බැරිද අරම කරන්න?

  4. ( can you make a set of 3000 NFTs)

    In terms of money, he'll pay $50,000 but I'll pay after the first pieces of the set are sold and there are no upfront payments. We have so far more than 200 influencers from all over the world who have joined us, and before you publish the group, you will connect with all of them. We want to launch the collection in a week or two

    (There is no down payment)

    As for the group, if you agree to join, I will send you more illustrations about it, hopefully in a week or two the group will be ready.

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