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(iPad) Draw with me : cute girls drinking boba 🧋🤎

Thank you for watching! I really enjoyed this drawing, the colours are my favourite 😻

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Brushes used:
“Basic 10” by jingsketch
I mainly used the “sketch round” and “round render” brush

Elecom screen film: ELECOM

App: Procreate
Editor: VLLO premium
Devices: iPad Pro 2020 11” & 2nd gen Apple Pencil

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Marshmallow (Prod. by Lukrembo)

Boba tea (Prod. by Lukrembo)

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  1. Hi ur drawing are really amazing I have to say😊.However I installed the same brushes and tried to blend but it just blurted my drawing. I have tried everything with my blending default brushes as well but nothing seamsed to work, I saw in this video you duplicated the round render brush and changed the settings would it be ok if u screen shooter though settings u changed or text me back I know it a lot to ask but I’m quite desperate and just want to draw😅. More over if possibly do another video in explaining how you tweek your brushes. Thank you ,once again I love ur drawings.

  2. Hi, I know this was 2 years ago and you probably won’t see this but can you make a video on how to use procreate because there’s some stuff I still haven’t figured out

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