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  1. USELESS VIDEO. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING. The guy literally tells you nothing on how to make latte art. All he says is froth the milk correctly. Don’t let the milk or espresso sit for long. Pour into the center. This 5 minute video should have been 30 seconds long with the amount of info that was given. I wish I had two sets of hands so I could give this video 4 thumbs down! Total waste of time!

  2. i'm a barista at starbucks, my #1 tip is don't get too in your head! let muscle memory take over. the first time i was able to do latte art was completely on accident- the day prior i dumped like 5 flat whites trying to get anything other than a simple dot. the next day, during a rush, i quickly poured milk for a random drink and didn't even realize i did the motions of making a heart until i went to put a lid on and noticed a perfect heart!!! my own heart was full!! not thinking too hard about it allowed me to be more free and fluid, which made all the difference. don't stress, it will come with time, just practice and take it easy! all love 🙂

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