Long Nails Transformation 💫 Gel Manicure Tutorial with Solid Cream Gel Polish Modelones X Celebrity

Long Nails Transformation 💫 Gel Manicure Tutorial with Solid Cream Gel Polish Modelones X Celebrity

In this video I will do product removal, dry manicure and solid creme gel polish overlay + 2 different beginner friendly nail art. Which one do you prefer?

♡Products used in this video:
Modelones X Celebrity color cube:  https://bit.ly/3OkDPUO
Modelones Global: https://bit.ly/2FnIuUS

My Modelones favorite solid cream gel polish recommendations:
White Solid Cream Gel Polish – https://bit.ly/40WHb44
Black Solid Cream Gel Polish – https://bit.ly/3KKLwBK

Modelones website – https://bit.ly/2FnIuUS
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  1. Impossible for me to do that on my nails. Unfortunately they are too soft and flexible. I love extrem squareshape but I already tried on long natural nails and it’s a failure. It last no longer than 24hours and then they lift on the corner

  2. I love this nail shape. I kept my nails square for years. Now, I do round off the edges a tiny bit as if I don't I have a tenency to scratch anything I touch- including my own face. Beautiful colors & design.❤❤❤

  3. I’ve never had nails done by someone else but if I did, I’d 100% go for square. It’s the only shape that ever appeals to me. I think it’s very strong as well.

  4. I'm glad you mentioned build tge base coat. I couldn't understand why my nails broke after using their product, but now I know it's because I didn't build the base coat up before I applied the colour.
    Thank you, you're full of knowledge.
    Love the nod to the 90s with her nails ❤.

  5. Very pretty!! I like the lilac one the most, but any purple is my favourite 😂 I love square but I find the corners are always breaking off. I have a high c-curve like your model too.

  6. I like the look of sharp square nails but I never do them on myself because I find them too inconvenient 😅 I almost never do any type of square or coffin nails on myself because the corners always get caught on things, it’s hard to pick up small things, and I always get lifting at the corners 😢
    These days, I love having long oval nails because I think the shape is very cute, it feels comfortable when I am using my hands, and I never get lifting at the free edge

  7. I love that shape! I’ve always loved a nice square and this one does not disappoint. Add the abstract nail art, perfect!
    Modalones is a total favorite of mine, I use a lot of Modalones products.
    Anyhoo, I loved watching! Can’t wait till the next one! 💖💙💖

  8. Sharp squared like this is one of my fav shape but natural nails always peel in those sharp corners 😢 i only do extensions or nail correcting to keep those corners from peeling.

  9. Thank you for showing the correct amount to use of the Modelones nail pallets! I recently purchased 2, 9 color pallets and 3, 21 color pallets of Modelones. I've tried other brands but I found that to get the color that you wanted, you had to apply quite a bit more cream gel. So, for me anyway, Modelones seems to be the best! Thanks again for the video!

  10. I love the colours they are so rich. I don’t really like this shape myself because I find it very difficult to keep looking nice especially with a natural or thin enhanced nail – the corners always seem to round off or break😢.

  11. I appreciate every shape of nails on others, well, maybe beside duck nails, but for me personally there is no other choice than stiletto. I just feel so empowered with sharp claws.

  12. I actually think square nails are the most natural shape if not extremely long because that's the shape of a natural nail. I think almond and stiletto look fake. After watching, you do 100 strokes or more just on one finger the first coat! – I'm thinking maybe gel polish is too hard to apply.

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