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Perspective Drawing for Beginners

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Drawing in perspective is pretty easy to pick up and an essential skill that we will be building on in future lessons. It helps with drawing backgrounds. it helps with drawing characters and objects in a scene. Today we’re going to make it easy with some lessons and tutorials.

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  1. me: okay I think I'm getting this? Am I doing this right? Hhhh
    animated kid: This is too easy!
    me: hey, shut up, kid!
    Brad: okay let's go from casual to normal, try this
    me: woah wait slow down–
    another kid: Still not much of a challenge :/
    me, 25: 😭

  2. Call me weird or an idiot but I'm a beginner and I drew a lot of cool non-beginner drawing like landscape, mansion, faces, etc(ye I've never held a pencil in my life) without using any perpective lines because I didn't know that that actuaally was the right way to draw lolll and I didn't know they existed ahahah I just… used my eyes perspective? I didn't drew points, or lines or anything and I got a good result. That's so weird. The drawings took more time though probably because I was not using any lines to help me. Now I'm here watching this video and thinking "What the hell was I doing all this time and how did I manage to draw andvanced stuff without perspective lines?" and now that I'm on this video trying to learn those, I'm having a hard time learning them ugh 🙁 I did stuff backwards and things still worked out great. Am I even a normal person? 😢

  3. This video could have been really good if it wasn't trying to be so cute all the time. The constant jokes by the cartoon characters are quite distracting and they are presented in such a quickfire manner that the audience has little pause to actually mull over the concepts being presented. Alas.

  4. why is this video so useful lmao. I thought I was just dumb for not understanding how to apply all these concepts, but after hearing you explain it, I realize a lot of the things you really need to know just are skipped over in other lessons. Thank you.

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