Scrap Metal Sculptures, Paper Cutting Art & More | Timelapse Tutorials

Here are ten of our favorite artists from the last month! Thanks to everyone who submitted videos. These amazing timelapse tutorials include scrap metal sculptures, paper cutting art, acrylic painting, chainsaw wood carvings, polymer clay sculptures and more…

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  1. seriously, SCREW YOU! I put a dislike! Why don't to make a slo-mo or pause on every masterpiece finishing?! When the author don't give a damn and just stopmotioned a video and screw the result! I was creating and I had fun there. See, and be jelious. That's not for you – that's for me and myself only. I wount even show you the end result cuz you don't worth it!!!!

  2. I'm not sure if it was my suggestion on the last video that prompted this but thanks anyway for a different type of people are awesome compilation! 😀

  3. Hi, none of my art appears in this video, but as an artist myself, I just wanna thank you for crediting all the artists in this video! Reposting an artist's content without providing a way for people to find the artist can result in a loss of potential customers and followers. And since we often have to overwork and underpay ourselves just to make money, every little bit counts. So thank you for crediting all the artists.

  4. I wish I was good at art. I love art so much and I find it annoying to know that everyone around me is good at it. Also, the most annoying thing is when people say they are bad at it then do twice as good as me. Ps. Love the video! Keep it up.

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