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Surprisingly Easy Hack to Painting Mountains [procreate digital art tutorial]

Surprisingly Easy Hack to Painting Mountains [procreate digital art tutorial]

My process for painting mountains and the most useful things I’ve learned about painting nature and landscapes.

The part about chaos also applies to many other things such as painting cloth, water, foliage or wrinkles of skin. Understanding how to look for monotonous rhythms in your art helps a whole lot when something looks just a bit “off”.



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  1. I've been painting for years, actually quit for a long time because I can never get this level of detail into my work. Picking it up again, I've watched a bunch of your videos. The work is gorgeous! You're so sweet and the advice is spot on! Wishing you all the best!

  2. Love your paintings. I started to draw couple of days back, I am learning. It is very frustrating but I think since I started new and learning, this frustration of not able to draw what is in my mind would go away with time. I like to do landscape painting but I struggles a lot and get frustrated easily when I can’t figure out the right color and shades of color for a mountain and snow. I can really use your suggestions.

  3. i love every single painting you have done. they are amazing! some of the best ive ever seen

    with that said i hate how easy you make it look lol. I sit down to try to paint something and it is just a giant blob of nothing.

    Keep making amazing art and inspiring us! You are amazing! much love

  4. Love this.. Can u show us ur Paintings when u started doing it? Im a beginner so i would love to see how u drew when u were a beginner too.. Thnku

  5. Hi mikko! Just wanna say this video helped me a lot! I’m currently spending quarantine teaching myself how to do concept art and digital painting, your videos have been super informative and helpful. You explain things so clearly and I love how you view landscapes! Thank you ❤️

  6. Hi Mikko, Why do you mirror the painting during the Video? Do you have a link to your pallets, brushes and maybe some Tutorials online? Thanks ans Regards Dennis

  7. Thank you for this. I took your advice and attempted to re-draw a mountain view that I had done and the mountains already look so much better.

  8. Mikko, thanks so much for the videos you provide. Do you have any online class type material or can you point me in the right direction when it comes to the method of painting you do? I'm really interested in the way you paint, especially with the video where you started with just doodling colours and it turned in to a beautiful piece, can't remember which one it was now. I guess most of yours start like that! hehe

  9. This is the kind of landscape painting I do in traditional media. Learning how to achieve this in a digital application like procreate is just like learning to paint all over again. It’s been frustrating and a real chore sometimes.
    BTW, this is an excellent painting!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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