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The Dark side of Tiktok ART community…

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In todays video, i want to discuss the dark side of the tiktok art community. We will go over some of the toxicity and weird behaviour exhibited against beginner artists on tiktok as well as other things that artists have to deal with, like tracing, art theft, and art drama in general…

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  1. Not to mention people get death threats over it? I've seen people being told to do horrible things to themselves because the other person has an issues with a detail in the other persons art. Even if it isn't a harmful piece of art, and they only seem to do that to the children, too. 🙁

  2. As a member of the Art community we should support each other and for most artist, an art style is how they express themselves if it’s different, we shouldn’t treat them differently The artist that was bullied on TikTok because of their art style doesn’t deserve that treatment honestly, I think that art styles is kind of cute

  3. I'm so happy about you spreading awareness about this. Everyone develops in different ways and styles. Just know Everyone is different. So if you see ANY comments being mean on styles please say something to them.

  4. Hey thumin can you talk about this Gachatuber called nehemah rahman she’s done some really bad things I’ll list a few
    -mocking techno blades death
    -racist thumbnails
    – inappropriate thumbnails (most of her viewers are under 13)
    I really want you to talk about her she is a big problem

  5. As an indie artist this really hurts me, because i remembered a time when i was just a beginner and i wasn't so good but i drew anyways. These people are so toxic for no reason whatsoever.

  6. Hey I have a question and I know this is probably one of the bad videos that I shouldn't comment this on and I'm really sorry if this is awkward but what brush do you use?

  7. Hi 😊 few months later the problem hasn’t resolved and other creators are being harassed

    The "𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨🤡" are called

    •Me Looking at other peoples art after learning anatomy

    •Pastel spider

    Since these are the most recent ones that I’ve heard of and seen I’m wondering if you could go over them next vid 🤧

  8. Yes I fully agree with you!!
    Dang. I wish it was as easy as just making a video to tell them to stop, but truly, they will never stop. It's heart breaking, experiences like this will stay with people forever, especially young impressionable children. I truly wish it was different, but there's really nothing one person can do.:/

  9. I feel really bad for the victims mentioned in this video,I saw someone say in tiktok that they "aren't a minor (croaket)" because they saw in the bio that once it said 18.Whether they are a minor or not you shouldn't go out of your way to bully someone,I'm glad you adressed this Thumin because if you hadn't many people might of not known and love your art as always<3

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