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[TUTORIAL] What Do You NEED to Start Digital Art?

I will show you everything you require to draw hot women.
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  1. So if you know how to draw traditionally how do you learn to draw digitally if you're not good with computers do you just like experiment watch tutorials take a digital painting class? Because I have no idea how all the tools work and what blending modes do what are gradient maps and all of that stuff?

  2. hi, I'm a little bit late, I'm going to buy a drawing tablet and idk.. should I try that even if I don't have standard drawing experience? I mean with the classic pencil and rubber! should I go digitally even if I don't have even a little bit of experience?

  3. Or, simply any smartphone with a drawing app. I started on my phone before moving to my Ipad. The best one I found on Android is 'Drawing – Sketch' by YYS, and on IOS I'd use Procreate Pocket on my IPhone, but just Procreate for the IPad.

  4. I’m probably being stupid but I’m not understanding how the screenless drawing tablets work. How is it even remotely possible to effectively draw when you can’t even see where you drawing.

  5. I have a Wacom intuos that I stopped using when I got my iPad and trust me, if you can try to get an iPad with procreate. While a non screen tablet does the job well, an iPad is just such a better option. I have an iPad Air 3 and literally the only issue I’ve faced was storage because I’m an idiot and save too many memes.

  6. I remember I started drawing on my Note 3 with the stylus. I still have them posted on my deviant art page. I stopped due to severe depression, but I’m back at it and have to start at square 1 again 😭

  7. recently started doing digital art after being a traditional artist for 5 years,,
    used ibis paint and i liked it but…

    why tf is my ""notepad app" drawings better than my ibis ones

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