Digital Art

What is Digital Art?

Digital art is a term and a practice that has been prevalent in the museums and contemporary art sectors since the 1960s. As technological advances mean that digital innovations are now pervading many more areas of our lives, the arts industry is starting to take the work of artists working in the digital realm increasingly seriously.

In the wake of the growing debate and critical examination of digital art, the British Council commissioned this short film, produced by Dezeen, to ask: What is Digital Art? And why should we pay attention to it?

The film features interviews with 15 Folds founders Margot Bowman and Sean Frank, curator and writer Conrad Bodman, and artists Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead.

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With thanks to all contributors, and Tate, Barbican, Chisenhale Gallery, BFI, Chris Milk, Adam Ben-Dror and Shanshan Zhou, The Space.

Learn more about the digital art piece ‘Decorative Newsfeeds’ by Thomson & Craighead that’s featured in the video:

Commissioned by British Council. Produced by Dezeen ( Music by 800xL

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  1. #mediaartssbcc I am a first year media arts student and i was searching for examples of digital arts and this video fascinated me and I'm so excited to see this kind of creativity in action. It makes me very happy to be in such a cutting edge design field and I loved this video! Great job!

    What is dijlat? You've got this one?

    I've got this one, yeah. Um… dijlat is just art made in the digital age.

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