Why my NFT art failed to sell on Opensea!

In this video, I explain why my NFT art failed to sell. I recently got into the space to have fun and experience how to work it. I found out a lot of cool tips and tricks but eventually became exhausted by the learning curve to be able to make waves in the space.

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  1. I been trying sale my art on opensea for months I get more views from me then my art being sold I can't get anyone buy my work even I sale it at $3 but I am able sale my work on crypto website..

  2. I've only been creating for a month, but Yeah… I get a bunch of offers, on instagram, but the truth is they "say" they want to buy, but then give you a pitch that if YOU Pay THEM they'll promote your NFT's. It's a lie… Another problem is Opensea is totally centralized because they are in some kind of partnership with Twitter which is also Centralized. Opensea will not verify your account without a twitter account. #opensea will not put your collection in their "Notable drops" unless you pay them. I Burned most of my NFT's. I probably won't make a dime unless I'm rich and want to make cartoon animals.

  3. A nft has to be minted to the block chain which gives the art a lil code that links it to the block chain, that's what makes it unique and gain value, art being sold on Google drive won't be minted to the block chain and there fore won't gain value, nfts is like making your own crypto currency but it has to be on the block chain to do that and the only way to do that is to mint it on one of these sites like open sea

  4. Haha! Sorry, I hate my generation. I think you missed the moment about 3 years ago when people ACTUALLY used to fish for artwork they liked or that seemed good and interesting, that is totally not the point nowadays, unless you render astronauts and have a huge following on Artstation

  5. True story. When you go into NFT market, you only have 2 things to do: ape ripoffs and avatar based PNGs with collectible elements. Only then will you start earning money. That or having a huge support behind your fans. Tried this to showcase my works and after 3 months: 0 SALES!

  6. I agree with other commenters, dont stop bro this is bridging real life art and nfts in a huge way. Keep doing what you do bro. Id suggest starting a webpage you can lay out the concepts behind your work, show casing your portfolio and such. If at first you dont suceed brotha,

  7. 🙏please answer this.
    I am using opensea. In my first collection i could auction my art for as low as 0.001 ethereum. But in my later collections i am unable to go below 0.05 Ethereum.
    What is the reason behind this?
    How to solve this issue?

  8. Next time. Try things a stupid toddler would get. This is the NFT market. Stupid kids just trying to find something rare. Faked or not. Not something real.

  9. I don't see a lot of content showing the downside to the NFT marketplace. I was encouraged by many to put my art out there and I spent quite a bit to do that only to find out, the hard way, that after paying expensive gas fees and ETH fees, I still had to market my own collection and gain a great following on my own to be noticed. I drowned in an 'opensea' of other artists and creators. Unless I tell people I know or who follows me, I'll never be seen. I got as much as 1 view and they're locked for six months unless I pay more money to cancel them. No video warned me about this before. The gain-followers-to-get-views videos only started showing up after I made my mistake. I don't see how I have to pay for listing then stay up on all major platforms to solicit sales. I'm not knocking those who have a great following but no new artist or creator can get recognition on opensea without having a ton of people following them on social media.

  10. Hello! Great video. You're gonna do great in the future.

    I have a few questions. Did you have a website that outlined your NFT collection? And did you attempt to market your NFT collection outside of social media posts?

  11. Just stumbled upon your video… Loved it!!! I discovered NFT’a about a month ago and man it has been an insane deep dive since 😳🤯 I have to tell you, your work is ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥. The only mistake is that your idea was revolutionary… just ahead of its time!!! Don’t quit on it … Street art is Amazing… but has an expiration. This makes it timeless!!! I will be looking to grab one from you 🙋🏼‍♀️👍🏻🤩 Keep up the amazing work!!!

  12. I'm just being curious. Anyways did you happen to see movies similar to Beat Street. The thing about that movie was how the street artist was so determined to spray paint his murals on trains. He just anxiously wanted the recognition to get noticed throughout all of New York city. Have you ever tried approaching nightclub owners. Asking if they might want to display your portrait murals on canvas. It's possible somebody just casually chilling at their specific nightclub. Might hire you to paint more murals on canvas for his high society friends. An idea occurred to me. How about custom made canvases shaped like the public trains from Beat Street. And then you carefully placed some of your best mural work on these canvases. A modern day concept of public trains graffiti artwork. Man I sure miss them 80s. I recall this mall that used to airbrush artwork on Tshirts in the early 90s. Although I believe that trend is no longer active.

  13. great video and experience, nft is so new to artists and unknown to common public … it´s hard to explain to someone who wants to buy it… it´s like you said, another tool…

  14. Wow you really went above and beyond!…. and still no luck huh? One day I will be able to afford to invest in creators like you. Your motivation and attention to detail really shows in every facet. Appreciate you!

  15. Ok dude that was cool tho!
    Shame it didn't sell.

    It would be so cool to have more works like these digitally, in this immersive sense.
    VR technology and high fidelity textures of art (like the Sistine chapel) was super cool to explore.

  16. It great to see your highs and your lows. The struggle is real as an artist I have been rejected more times then been givin the chance. I totally understand.

  17. I think this would do really well in a Metaverse. Being able to install a piece of artwork on your digital property could hit a LOT different

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