Acrylic Swipe, Acrylic Pour Painting, Art Tutorials Swiping those Paints Peeps

COZ Creations demonstrations and techniques used in this video include: (list here)

Paints Used:
Sargents Liquid Metals Aztec Copper
ArtMinds Mysterious
DecoArt Metallics Copper with Art Alchemy Brass Hardware and Gold Umber
Amsterdam Titanium White
Art Alchemy Stormy Ocean

Pouring Medium: 75% Flood Floetrol / 25% Golden Gac 800
Paint to PM Ratio: 1 part paint to 2.5 parts PM (Golden fluid paints 1 part paint to 3 parts PM)

Music By Epidemic Sound

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Email: cozcreationsart@gmail.com

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions Peeps 🙂

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Contact: cozcreationsart@gmail.com

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  1. I must say your use of the metallic & earth tones is amazing. I love your color choices. I think every artist I watch on YouTube has a specific niche , Kanella- the Dutch Pour; Fiona- the flower dip; etc. Yours is definitely the metallics, love to watch you pour and swipe. ( those are not the only ones I watch, just examples)

  2. Do you still use your lucky penny to still decide on background color? Loved the ring pour before you swiped it. The color combination is just fabulous. Beautiful painting Cathleen!🖼💖🦄🌈🎨

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