Best NFT Projects, Tools, and Art of 2022 | Top NFTs Collections to Keep an Eye on

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Check out the highest-rated NFT collections, tools, and art ranked by our institutional analysts.

Comment down below what your favorite NFT project, tool, or art from this video is!


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  2. It is rather better to buy Luna's ecosystem than Luna itself. For example, Astroport token is an ecosystem token of Luna 1 and 2. On Mecx global I bought per 0.01 each and I already gain + 38% )

  3. Hey, thanks for the video!

    Is it possible that in some video you will talk about the Cryptoverse? I read that it is a very interesting project that will implement the unreal engine 5 technology in its metaverse.

  4. Still not saying anything about contract, copyright, the next buyer, is it even transferable, are they only "buying" a json file with a few lines of code. Nft lawyers… yeah that's a thing

  5. If we talking art, then it depends on the artist. And the project I bought into Blockasset has the world elite Dosbrak as an artist for their NFTs. His work is world renowned, You should really check it out

  6. Investing' is more than building rainy day savings. On a practical level, saving involves putting aside money today for use in the future. .. think about the potential for healthy long term returns

  7. Let’s get a new co-host to go with you Bill. I’ve been applying to Token Metrics for 2 yrs . Just sent another application in. Let’s get some more representation and have someone to go back and forth with you on crypto. Why are you do alone !?

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