Digital Art

Digital Art in AUGMENTED REALITY!?!?

// f i n d m e //
instagram @UrsaAllen

// t o o l s //
drawn in: ProCreate
app: Slide AR
edited: LumaFusion for ipad
tools: 12.9” iPad pro, apple pencil

// m u s i c //
Morning Sun – Storyblocks Music Library

Thanks for watching peeps!

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  1. Hi Ursa. Subscriber #700. Doing some homework on this app and the concept behind it. Walking through this exploration with you…simple test run, next step, test run, huh? What the?, next step, test…and there it is! Awesome video full of meaningful content. Good art. Easy on the mushrooms.

  2. I’m really digging the fairy aesthetic and color scheme here! Wow I admire your perseverance with the app I don’t think I would have stuck around after the exporting lol 😂

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