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digital painting isn’t REAL painting

digital painting isn’t REAL painting: in which D’Angelo Wallace ends this argument once and for all |

(digital art, painting, drawing)

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  1. rewatching this video after the popularization and increased ease of access to AI art makes my heart ache. ive seen AI waifu bros try to weaponize this age-old argument against artists as if digital art isnt just a different medium with a different set of tools and therefore making themselves look dumber than dirt

  2. There are many ways to create art. Painting, sculpting, resin… I've seen ppl create amazing things with a chainsaw and a log. Even music is art and there's no paint brush and canvas there. As artists we know that art is subjective and so is the ways in which art is created. Art is simply art, and that's it. Digital art takes as much time, effort and talent as any other art. Digital art IS real art and the only ones who say otherwise are the gatekeepers.

  3. So it’s okay to use technology in all aspects of daily life and no one passes judgement, but when someone uses it to make art then suddenly it’s a problem? Why? Sounds like an ego problem—traditional artists enjoy the idea that others view them as having special abilities or “geniuses “.

    -baking is not real cooking cuz it's all done by an oven
    -road trip is not real traveling cuz it's all done by a car
    -Texting is not real conversation cuz it's all done by the phones
    -Living in a shelter is not real survival cuz it's all done by the shelter
    -Online shopping is not real shopping cuz it's all done by the computer
    -Dancing is not real skill cuz it's all done by the body
    -Treadmill is not real running cuz it's all done by the treadmill
    -You are not real cuz it's all done by your dad and mom

  5. I think that all art is real art. Animation is under the digital art category, and we all know that you all probably watched cartoons as a kid. There is no argument. Digital art is much harder than real art, and the computer doesn’t “do all the work for you”. Sure, there are certain benefits like the smudge tool and undo and all that, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard. People need to stop saying that digital art isn’t true art.

  6. as an artist that does both types of art, I will say that the main thing that makes it more… difficult… would be getting used to the digital tools themselves. adjusting how you coordinate your hands, the amount of pressure you use when drawing/shading, and for someone like me who uses a laptop + graphics tablet rather than an iPad, you have to train yourself to be efficient with keyboard shortcuts to switch between tools.

    However, once you get through that learning curve, digital art makes artmaking so much more EFFICIENT! I prefer the word efficient rather than “easy” because easy implies that you need less skill to make art digitally. However any professional artist who does digital illustrations, or concept art for movies and video games will tell you that digital shortcuts and tools can only take you so far. You still need to have good understanding of proportions, values, and other traditional art skills in order to make a good digital portrait for example. But digital art does make things so much more efficient. Perspective drawing for example, is made so much easier with digital tools. There’s the glorified undo button we all know, and color picking! I’m not offended when people say digital art is “easy”, but rather Im afraid that new artists will be misleaded into thinking the computer or tablet does all the work for you. You still need a solid understanding of traditional drawing and artmaking skills if you want to be good at digital art! I still make sure to draw traditionally from time to time for practice

  7. Digital art is just as hard plus I use a tablet and I use my finger plus it is not like we just think something and the device does it for us we have to sketch and do the lineart plus color it so it is just the same thing but cheaper

  8. Can you talk about how much actual artist are under appreciated in mainstream? All the while a bloke throws random paint on canvas flips it in the air and is phrased like he carved the Pita!

  9. My preference is digital painting its just cheaper and less time consuming. With traditional your constantly buying art supplies. While in digital I can do a sketch with traditional pencil and art paper take a photo and start using brushes in a digital art application of my choice. I can use charcoal brush, Pastel,acrylics and even copic. I don't need to worry about running out of ink. And I can print in any size or go to a local walmart and print my art to a canvas.

  10. I think art is diffrent to everyone but for me digital art is not something I would call beautiful. It is too perfect. Since you can change your misstakes everytime you make one. I think flaws it was make art beautiful.

  11. I think art is unique to the individual. Everyone has their way of making art but we are taught that there are only few ways we can make art. Me personally, currently I find digital art, the process of it, boring as it lacks touch, may have a different opinion in the future though.

    Btw, I still like looking at digital art. I just find the process to be boring.

  12. Well no it’s not real painting it’s digital painting real painting is watercolors oil colors where you physically hold it digital painting is on an app and photoshop which takes just as long as irl painting so yes it’s still painting it’s just digital tada

  13. One thing I’ve learned from being a artist is that if something makes another artist feel like their craft is in jeopardy they’ll try their best to shoot it down. A lot of old artist are usually always afraid to evolve.

  14. Well that's the purpose of digital art making drawing stuff faster & easier, & it's not considered cheating, if digital art isn't considered "real art" then why people considered a banana duct taped on a wall in a museum an art, it's like saying that cgi isn't a good special effect & it shouldn't be used in movies while practical effects is only acceptable. if that's your opinion then I respect that but I don't agree with the digital art isn't real art thing.

  15. Me : Draws traditional art picture in less than 20 minutes.

    Also Me: Takes picture of artwork and redraws it in the same way but on my phone on Ibispaint x. Takes 13 hours.

    “dIgiTaL ArT iSn’t rEaL”


  16. i hate this new digital wave, yes id says digital artists are artists but would i say some of them know the basic fundamentals, no way, when you skip about 100 steps and skip the learning process because photoshop make its easy for you with every new interation as well then what are you really learning, my friend is a digital painter if you look at his work its good and you would think hes able to draw, nope he layers a Loomis head and draws over it, then supposedly paints, some people put themselves into a hole by not learning the fundamentals and skipping the learning experience, that's why i use digital to enhance my traditional work rather as the only medium to create. and that's why some artists fall into a hole as they realise that everything they make is supported by masking layers and over sketches rather than creating something from scratch and geting down to the basics.

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