Fractional NFT Art – Best NEW NFT Marketplace – Full Tutorial

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Fractional is a brand new protocol that bridges the gap between NFTs and liquidity. Buy a fraction of an NFT and own a highly prized Crypto Punk


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  1. Watch out for scams everyone. We could easily run into the same problem we saw in meme coins. People run off with your eth. Only buy high quality and vetted projects

  2. Hello!! Thanks for the video mate! One question please, once you want to sell your tokens, lets say after the NFT increase its value, this could be a market price sell or you have to put a limit sale? What would be the selling process?


  3. There is no pool of eth to cash out into. People wait until there is low supply left of fraction then take the eth. Then you wait for it to sell and can cash out. Your fractions are erc20 but cannot be exchanged anywhere. Only when it resells.

  4. Really helpful video. Can you clarify what "collectible supply" means? That's how many shares are left to sell before it closes? So after the initial token sale is over, the only way you can get rid of your fraction is when someone does a buyout? Thanks!

  5. I'm trying to find info as a fractional buyer, what "This vault has low liquidity, proceed with caution" means.
    The item has a Collectable Supply of 0.10%
    Not sure what that means?
    Has a total supply of 7286

  6. Hey hi,nice video,I buy party of living dead DEAD token on uniswap but now it has no liquidity to sell,what to do now,I lost my money? Or something I missing? Pls ans bro..

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