How This NFT Artist Sold Out His Collection With $0 Marketing

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Today’s NFT marketing interview is a clip from an NFT marketing update video I was filming with my COO Crypto Kermit.

Crypto Kermit is an NFT artist, NFT analyst, and NFT content creator.

During this interview, Kermit shares his NFT marketing strategies that allowed him to build an NFT community on Twitter and Discord for his Generative Art NFTs and sellout his 150 art NFT collection.

He launched his NFT collection on the Blockchain Tezos who who’s most popular NFT marketplace is caleld FX Hash.

Tezos’ blockchain is slowly gaining popularity as becoming the blockchain for generative art.

During this interview Kermit covers questions on how to build a strong nft community, and overall nft marketing 101 strategies you can use on your project.

Use this video as your NFT & Web 3.0 marketing 101 guide to help you understand how other artists launch and sellout their NFT projects.

00:00 NFT Art Marketing with $0
00:21 The experiment
01:02 The observation
01:56 Tezos blockchain
02:08 3 NFT art marketing strategies
03:45 How to build connections
05:12 How to scale this strategy


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About is an NFT Consulting and marketing agency aimed at helping brands and projects developed their Web 3.0 marketing strategy using NFT technology.

We know that the Web 3.0 space can be intimidating and the barrier of entry can be high, this is why our mission is simple; take care of selling your project, so you can focus on building it.

Btw, my lawyer called and asked me to write this: I am not a financial advisor, these people wear suits, I don’t. So PLEASE, do not take anything in this video as financial advice. DYOR: Do your own research. Consult a professional investment advisor before making any investment decisions.



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  1. These are good ideas and here is another idea: Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
    If you do what everyone else is doing you must do it better,.
    But, if you do what no one else is doing you only have to do it well.

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