How to Create 8bit NFT Art for Free Without Coding | Mobile Se 8bit NFT Art Kaise Banaye | EU Techo

This video is about how to create an attractive 8bit NFT Art for uploading on the NFT platform and earn money. In this video, I explain the complete details of a very unique mobile app that is used to create 8bit NFT Art.

8bit Painter App:
NFT Complete Course:

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  1. Hi EU Techo,
    Your video is the best ever in the year 2022 and very informative with different types of teaching methods. I really like it.
    I have an issue and want to solve it for me & others related to it.
    My phone memories are full of other space, not full of audio, video, text, or pictures. I am very worried about that.
    Please help me and solve my problem.

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