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I became a PRO ARTIST with NO art school and NO talent

My art journey – How I took my art skill from a beginner with ZERO talent, to professional, working artist. My clients now include: Disney, Marvel, MtG, Hasbro, Lego, Lucasfilm, and more.

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  1. if you menage to reach the ceiling, that meant you HAD talent. people with no talent can try for as long as they want with all the good instructions and just dont get to that point that others with actual talent get, no matter the time. thats what talent is. back then you did not lack the talent you lacked the timeinvestment.
    if you have more talent, you can just do it faster and apply teachings better.
    yes, anyone can get pretty good at drawing if they invest enough time and teach themselves (get taught), but having a feeling for perspectives, good compositions, being able to have the hand-eye coordination to draw perfect lines and proportions , etc. is smth some people NEVER develop to the point others do. it also correlation with your general intelligence as you have to remember the teaching, the arsenal of skills and scenes you can apply and draw, estmate how well certain things combine together, imagine how which filter and color-adaption would change the scene in front of you, imagine the whole place and action of figures with their momentum in your head, imagine how the light gets reflected, what makes those surfaces special, etc.

    its just like math. anyone can get decent at math if they just do it over and over and learn to replicate it. but if you reach the ceiling, there is still a large difference between talented and none-talented people who have special spacial imagination, can combine the fundamental thoughts behind math with new problems, etc.
    i myself, could do the schrödinger-equation. but did i really deeply understand what i was doing? no. i replicated at that point. do i deeply understand division? percentages? yes.

    there are people who look at someones face once and can draw it in 15 min to the point of perfection. thats talent. surely they didnt get born with that, they needed to train for years as well, but some of us here will never reach the point where they look at a person ONCE for 30 seconds and can draw them that fast that perfect. we dont even have the memory to save all the detailed information, we would have to look much more often. "how where the eyebrows? how were the ears? what was the eye-color? how many different colored skin spots were there? which falts in the skind defined that persons mimicks?" etc. etc.

  2. im 18 and I havent really drawn since middle school, I want to learn to draw properly and regain one of my favorite hobbies, thank you for this video.

  3. I love the part let's change my son's diaper, it's time to change my son's diaper for real,,
    But yeah definitely this gives me motivation thanks a lot you gave a piece of missing ourselves 💕💕

  4. Shit, I would sell my soul to be able to draw just your 19-year-old work! I’ve never been able to learn how to write due to disability, so I’m coming to the point where I might need to accept that art is unfortunately just impossible for me. I gave it ten years of seriously learning the fundamentals anyway, hoping my inability to write didn’t have to affect it if I just ‘practiced’ enough like everyone says…

    After seven years of daily drawing sessions and three more of less-often practice (because at that point art was making me even more suicidal than I normally am) — I cannot trace single lines or curves accurately. I can’t connect two dots with a line. I have literally no way to predict what direction my curves will go, how many jagged edges they’ll have, what direction they’ll shoot off into and what quadrant of the paper they’ll end in. There isn’t a single thing I’ve even minutely improved on.

    The best circle I’ve ever drawn in my life was a very jagged, squished sideways heart shape as I literally fought my way around and across the paper just desperately trying to get my pencil back to the fucking dot I started with. I was looking right at it. But I just can’t make my arm do what I know it needs to. All I can do is watch my lines skip and cross and swing away from the line I’m tracing, without feeling why it happens or being able to drag it back the right way via a new path like navigating a maze with barriers I can feel, but can’t see. It’s like my hand is possessed and I don’t even feel what it’s doing wrong; I only see the end result.

    And yes, at 28 years old I still cannot write my own name.

    I’m so goddamn desperate for any way to fix myself and be normal but all of my specialist OTs have exhausted their options and then given up on me when nothing helped. They say I’m going to be relying on typing and scribes forever, but I would even give up on writing if I could just draw simple shapes. If you or anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know!

  5. Thank you for these videos, I've been struggling with creativity and motivation the last few months on my drawing and this kind of energy and teaching is helping me a lot.

  6. This was by far one of the most informational and helpful videos I have seen her on YouTube… I’m not saying a lot because I watch a lot of videos! I can draw and paint and have a natural talent, but I am clueless when it comes to gesture and form… I never took the time to study and I never quite understood it and it really shows… It is the nuts and bolts and it is super important for me to learn.… I know this may sound really immature but I really don’t want to take a life drawing class and draw naked people! Lol

  7. Wow, now I'm 19 old girl who started to learn how to draw (I started two months before my 19st birthday but still) and you Mr. Marco gave me a hope to that even I can lern to draw, when everyone else cut my wings. Drawing it's hard sometimes but I know this is what I want to do in my live. Now I don't care on how much time it's gonna takes me because I love that. Thank you

  8. I'm you but at 19, but actually 23 and I went further down the 3d / game dev route, but I'm jobless and still wishing I could draw. This just refilled my hope, thank you!

  9. Amazing progress! I went to art and animation school in the same city and close to the same time. I still have that same old Wacom tablet, but not sure if it works with Windows 11. My drawing skills at 19 were a bit more advanced than yours but this video really shows how much passion and hard work pays off!

  10. how tf can u be rejected from art school?
    Its a damn school. U go there to learn…
    If u can already draw, etc… why tf should u go to an art school.
    is this some american logic or something?

  11. I am teaching myself right now i've always identified as a writer but about 6 months ago I realized my creative passion ran much deeper. So I set out and purchased numerous books to help me learn, and made way to my first draft drawing ever and i was pretty impressed. I had hidden skills I didnt believe I ever had! This is actually really awesome and useful content TY for sharing as this has opened up a whole other topic for me in my learning game!

  12. Meanwhile: oh that was nice of them, they sent you something back…. ours didn't bother in hopes we'd forget. but.. if you were in technology class? instant acceptance.

    There's a lot to learn from the above, its all about the tiny forgotten curves that creates an artist. Art is not about exacts but tiny imperfections. thanks for that.

  13. I always had a passion for drawing, but life got in the way after marriage. Now I'm 71 and just getting back to drawing again. I feel like such a beginner, but I keep pressing on.

  14. I first watched this video around a year ago and found it a bit helpful. But now rewatching this video I'm getting a lot more information than before because I've been drawing a lot and running into a lot of problems and noticing a lot of stuff too. Maybe in few more months if I come back to this video again I might find it even more helpful. This just proves that the more you learn the more you realise you don't know.

  15. thank you so much for making this video! im an opera director and id like to show some similarities between drawing and directing in my next video about the craft of directing and could i maybe use some footages of this video please? 🙂
    keep up the amazing work and all the love from vienna.

  16. What really surprises me is that his early work was very average. I always imagine artists just see things clearer in their minds eye and have a mostly natural gift in order to have the possibility of becoming a top tier artist. My own work lacks finesse, scale and talent. I assume that because my natural ability is weak then it won't be possible to reach elite levels, irrespective of hard work and tenacity.

    I'm quite clearly wrong about at least some of my assumptions. Yes, there are people who have incredible natural ability and find it easier to understand art as its taught ans develop their skills at sometimes breakneck speeds. But some if those people never make it because they lack dedication.

    This is truly inspiring to see what hard work, passion and dedication can produce. It makes you successful!

    Awesome achievement in having your work commissioned by Disney! The work is incredible and testament to your journey as an artist and student of creativity. Thanks for sharing ❤

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