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Is Traditional Art DYING? Our thoughts on AI & Digital Art

With the rise of DALL-E 2 and Midjourney and the increased capabilities of generative digital art and the expansion of the medium as a whole, we received some emails asking about whether or not we think traditional art is “dying” and, well… no.

We hope we’re not proven wrong on this one. In this episode, we talk about the repeated rumors of the death of traditional art and whether we think we’ll even have jobs in ten years. We’re optimistic.

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Make Art Don’t Starve is a podcast run by Kelsey (hi, that’s me!) and my lovely cohost, Al (aka Lilstarnerd). We’re two friends that talk about what it’s like to be an artists and content creators.

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  1. Honestly, with the uprise of AI, I am putting less pressure on myself to learn/ get better at digital art. I really enjoy traditional and I don't see how AI will ever replace that. I feel it is harder for digital artists, because the outcome is less material ( other than the ability to print it)

  2. Personally, traditional art what I use and always use. The time and effort it comes to physically draw and paint…etc is hard and that’s what makes the result so magical and amazing. AI is really going to destroy peoples jobs, learning new things, having authentic art pieces, soon nothing will be original from the person, just another robot 😫😫

  3. People were saying traditional art was going to die out when photoshop/other programs really started to include the tools to create and manipulate images, freaked a lot of traditional artists out, and yes some things have changed and while people can create very realistic digital images, there is still a call for traditional artist's skills in most of the fields that used them 30 years ago. AI art will probably be used by companies to create images to use, but even though AI art can create really nice images, there is sometimes something not right and in a lot of countries there are copyright concerns. I think AI is eventually going to be used as a tool by artists and hopefully doesnt get used in negative ways (even though I am sure it already is [person who won a contest with his AI image for example, right, wrong? up to the people who ran the contest])

  4. I am both a traditional and digital artist. I use digital art in a traditional way. So, for example, I take a pencil brush, and I use it like a real pencil. Is it easier? The only think that is easier, is the control I can have with my drawings. I can go back, create multiple layers, I can resize the images and move them. That’s it.

  5. Anyone interested in this should hear Steven Zapatas new video on it. It went into things I hadn't thought of before, and havent heard others comment on either.

  6. I've tried digital art just once… And it doesn't feel like art to me at all. It's just my opinion, but it's a totally different emotion and feeling when I hold my actual pencil and a digital one. Totally different dimension😮‍💨

  7. It was a really interesting one! Thank you so much for answering this way. ☺️
    Listening to it made me realize that what I was scared about is more like traditionnal art becoming outdated by digital art. But in the end there where always multiple art trend or movements cohabitating at all times. As long as each human reflects as an individuality I guess (/hope) that there will be room for every artist to be appreciated. (And some people pronounce the "Y" in my name, other don’t my parents never corrected antbody so I really don’t mind 🤷🏽‍♀️)

  8. Considering we live in a world where one has to monetize even their hobbies to get by, I fear for the future what AI will do to artists. Sure there will always be a niche for human made art, but the general industry, where demand is driven by speed over quality will always favor AI over human produced images. As a kid, I remember being discouraged from drawing because it was a waste of time. I drew because I loved to do it, not because of any interest to make money. But these days, I can't even afford to do it for fun anymore. Every moment I'm not working on a commission is the possibility of missing rent or a meal. Our current system ensures that every waking moment of ours needs to be productive, and AI will basically make it so there will be no room for anyone outside the wealthiest and most privileged of people to be an artist. The car and horse analogy is dumb because of course there are horses. There were horses long before there was an industry and they'll be there up until the moment climate change makes their survival impossible. The issue is no one but the most privileged of people can make a career around horses anymore. The people who are worried about AI are the people who understand that the corporate world has no soul, requires none from what it needs. It's not going to kill the art industry, people are already being driven to homelessness over it.

  9. I am a digital artist, and I have actually begun including the hashtag #noai when I post my work. Quite apart from the serious ethical concerns of ai "art" it lacks what makes art art… and that is emotion and soul and true connection. I can recognize ai stuff now…while I've seen some incredible output… It looks perfect, flat, and feels souless.

  10. I don't see AI taking over either! Kelsey put it to words for me, that AI is probably going to just take over the shitty exploitative work that didn't pay enough and nobody actually wanted. AI may be good for generating concepts, but it going to be a long LONG time until it can put in the level of thought, meaning, and details that people do. My main problem with AI is that some programs are ripping off pieces of current artists work (some generators are even naming specific artists still working in the industry as suggested prompts) and mashing them together to creative prompts. Which if done with intention could be transformative, but when done by AI it seems like a bunch of copied and pasted pieces of other art pieces that have been very well blended together. I might use it for ideation and concept building, but I could never imagine passing AI generated art as my own work!

  11. great discussion as always! 🤗 though tbh, as a book illustrator, I actually am rather worried about how companies will use AI art programs to cut costs, which will inevitably displace artists. I wish companies would have more care for human employees, but I think we all know most of them just care about $$ haha It's honestly made me reconsider continuing in this career path

    I also don't think programs like procreate are comparable to things like Midjourney: AI art programs can do basically all the work for you after just a few key words, while digital artists using procreate still have to actually paint and make design decisions to bring their art to life.

    I think what can be helpful is documenting the art process and showing one's human element through the creation. People will always gravitate to other people. We all have a story to tell, and I think that is how we can stand out from AI art programs. it's just a matter of how you showcase yourself and your story 😊

  12. "When cars came out we didn't get rid of horses." Sorry, just had a mental image of a horse going ????? Anyway, I think that AI art isn't going to hit traditional art as much as it's going to affect digital art. I think that the next 5-10 years will be filled with lots of lawsuits over AI art and copyright. See what happens. And….NFTs….. don't make sense to me. Maybe I'm dumb but I don't get NFTs.

  13. Traditional artists had this same debate when photography hit the scene, when digital art hit the scene and Traditional art has always been here….plus that question is stupid, Traditional art is stiff?

  14. Art is first and foremost: expression. And since AI doesn’t have a conscience or feelings, or original thoughts…I don’t think what AI is doing is Art – what AI is doing is at most Design (design focuses on function and/or beauty)

  15. As a digital and traditional artist, I feel like the human that makes the art will always have an edge on something like AI and algorithm based ideals. Digital art is easier in some ways, traditional art is easier in some ways, but ultimately I think what the art comes down to is the human experience. AI will be what it is, but what it always will lack is the emotional connection and the human empathy that comes through art.

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