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Mixing Practical and Digital Art in Unreal Engine 5

This workflow video covers my first ever YouTube collaboration, with Nerdforge, Andyax, and VP Nordic. I got to 3D Scan the gorgeous castle miniature (bigature) that Martina at Nerdforge made, by hand. Then, brought it into Unreal Engine 5, and rendered out a sequence of shots for this Virtual Production Project.

Watch Andyax/VJUS’s video about the shoot!
Nerdforge’s Channel:
VP Nordic:

To download RealityCapture, visit:

Get my FREE Rendering Guide here:

Get EasyFog for Unreal Engine 5 here:

Photogrammetry / 3D Scanning Tutorials:

RealityCapture to Unreal Engine 5:
Texture Reprojection:
Capturing Lofoten in UE5:
Cross-Polarization Tutorial:

Lighting Tutorial For Beginners:

Color Grading in Davinci Resolve:

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – The shoot
01:31 – Scanning the castle
02:46 – Into RealityCapture
05:32 – The Scan Results
06:15 – On set
07:13 – Creating the establishing shot in Unreal Engine 5
07:44 – Procedural tools
08:32 – Polishing the Scene
09:02 – Rendering the shot – Tips
09:57 – FREE Render Settings PDF
11:14 – Color Grading in Davinci Resolve

———Cameras and Gear Used To Film This Video ——-
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Necessary gear for Cross-Polarized Photogrammetry:

Syrp Genie Mini II:
Syrp Turntable:

Scanning Spray:

Godox AR400 Ring Flash:
Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Duo:

Polarizing Filters:
Tiffen Circular Polarizing Filter:
Nikon Circular Polarizing Filter:
Ring Flash Polarizer:

Transmitters and Other:
ColorChecker Passport Photo II:
Godox XT-16 Transmitter/Receiver Kit:
Flash Sync Cable:

My Streaming / Recording Setup (How this Video was Recorded)

Nikon Z6II :
Nikon 28-75mm f/2.8 :
RØDE NTG-3B Shotgun Microphone:
Aputure MC Pocket LED:
Godox LEDP 260c LED Panel:
Godox Parabolic Softbox :
Godox SL-60W Studio Light:

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  1. That's great! But I don't understand the following things:
    1) why complicate your work with photogrammetry and creating a miniature of the castle? Why not make a 3D model right away and put it in UE5?
    2) What is the meaning of virtual production in this case? Wouldn't it have been easier to shoot these three shots on chromakey?

  2. Weird question, but figured I'd ask. In Blender a commonly done thing is you take a picture of a building, then you extend certain parts of a block and then place the texture of the photo onto the block and basically extend the picture to create a 3D scene. Is such a thing possible to do exclusively in Unreal Engine? Or would you still have to do that in Blender and then export it to Unreal?

  3. I found this so interesting to watch. A lot of work in a small time frame but you all rose to the occasion. I hit " The bell " to make sure I do not miss your video on the PCG tool. Looking forward to it

  4. Just as much as you would like to get into hand building, I would like to equally get into creating digital models of my physical ones. We should team up. Fantastic work my friend.

  5. Watching you work with this makes me wish I had more time to get into this sort of thing. I watched the vid of the production for Martina, and was in awe. The tech is evolving at an amazing rate.

  6. Hi William, not sure what I'm doing wrong but I don't manage to import the render preset in the content folder in UE5.2. When drag and dropping it says it can't import the file. Hope you can help me out. Thanks !

  7. Believe – 1 Corinthians 15 Chapter 1 to 4; Romans 10 Chapter 9 : 10; The New Testament – Bible. Jesus Christ Saves, Jesus Christ Is God, Believe in Him. Glory and Thanks to Jesus Christ.

  8. I never knew about the cross-polarized camera rig. I have wondered for many years how to get around the issue of directional light baking into scanned photos. That is so cool!

  9. This is lovely work all around. Nicely done!
    Hey, I would love to collaborate with you! I have model building and traditional sculpture experience and have been trying to find ways to mix the 2 mediums, hence I found this video.

  10. Thats why I got the 3060… Honestly I'm usually having its VRam filled to the teech, and I'm glad cuz of this 12gb>
    Thanks for your video, I need to watch your toturial about this procedural thingy for sure

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