MTG – The BEST DIY 3D Alter Method! Magic: the Gathering Art Tutorial!

The 3D alter tutorial is finally here! Join us and learn the secrets of this surprisingly easy craft!

Supplies used (Amazon links):

Go to your local bead shop for beads, hardware store for nails 🙂

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  1. As for the epoxy resin bubbles, the reason the heat from the lighter actually assists with removing the bubbles is the fact that the flame is sucking some of the surrounding oxygen up creating a very minor vacuum like effect allowing the bubbles to more easily rise to the surface due to the difference in air pressure around the resin. If your willing to put in the extra work and you are struggling to remove these bubbles, its fairly easy to create a homemade vacuum chamber to handle this process. Simply take a clear bowl or Tupperware container that you can see through and placing it over your resin then sealing the container to the surface that it is set upon with tape to create a "mostly" air tight seal. Then poke a small hole in the top of the container and insert a bicycle or ball pump into the hole and seal it as well the best that you can. The seals don't have to be 100% perfect but they need to be at least decent enough to keep air from rushing in at the same rate or faster than you can pump it out with the air pump. After this set up, just pump the air pump until the bubbles rise to the surface and pop. This works very very well for stubborn bubbles and can also help provide a very smooth and level surface on the epoxy that was poured. Anyways sorry for the long comment just figured it was relevant lol.

  2. Did you happen to try any substitutes for the epoxy? Do you think I could achieve the same effect with gloss mod podge or a high gloss clear coat spray paint?

  3. Doing a project for brent hollowell's froghemoth, I want to make it a shadow box with maybe 20 cards worth of layers, would that interest you? It's a <1$ card but has so many well defined layers.

  4. Awesome work!

    There are abacus that are small that can be found. I bet it would be even sturdier if you glue one in with epoxy! I have one I use for mtg, all steel construction. This is actually kind of common in my childhood, but only because asian kids played a lot of magic.

  5. I made a Nyx-Fleece Ram (her favourite card) abacus for my friend to use with her Oloro deck. I had to use 3 rows of beads since her life sometimes goes into multiples of hundreds.

    She absolutely loved it and this video was instrumental in showing me how to do it!

  6. If you have them, I suggest you wear gloves when using epoxy resin. From preparing samples for studies under the microscope, in my field we've found that regular use of epoxy resin can cause allergies to develop. This won't happen after one time, but it can over time.

  7. I love doing these! I have made ones of Tarpan, bird token (return to ravnica), unwanted pirate token promos from FNMs, and a myr token with waste background.

  8. @GG Degree

    Sorry, i may just not got that right, how many Foils of "Emancipation Angel" have you used now, and how many normal commons have you used additionally.

    So u did like 1 Foil and then 3 cutted Commons or how excatly have you glued all those cards together, in what order?^^

    Sorry for my bad english, tho

    Greetings from Germany

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