NFT Art in a gallery!? NYC East Village art gallery tour…

Today I’m heading over to the East Village to see some great shows, including one by Ry David Bradley at The Hole where he’s selling digital versions of the works displayed as NFT’s on the platform SuperRare.


Details about each artist and exhibit can be found below.

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Ry David Bradley and Hanna Hansdotter, The Hole Gallery (0:00):
Kevin Christy, The Hole Gallery (3:40):
Johnny Abrahams, Jack Hanley Gallery (6:58):
Lucas Blalock, Eva Presenhuber Gallery (9:25):




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  1. "I'm not a fan of photography" ?
    How is it even possible for an art connoisseur to make a statement like that? How does someone who loves art not appreciate photography? Makes no sense.

  2. i was at reena spaulings today and i was wondering what you'd think of the alastair mackinven show up right now… there's a freaky treatment of the canvas surface and a crazy color sensibility that you might be drawn to???

  3. thank you for all your videos; I love your commentary as you walk through the galleries; as you like art bidging abstract and figurative, do you like Arshile Gorky's latter works ?

  4. I think I finally have my mind wrapped around the whole NFT thing. It isn’t about possession of a set of bits. It’s about ownership of a set of bits. Even though I may possess a certain set of bits and be able to use those to generate physical manifestations of an artwork, there is no rarity in those bits or even the physical manifestations. On the other hand, if that same set of bits is entered into a blockchain, it is indeed one of a kind that can be owned. Is that how you understand it?

  5. Person walking by staring at phone, glad they did not walk into the glass sculpture. Guy in the schrub small oil painting staring at a phone made me smile.

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