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once upon a time in china | easy drawing tutorials @bluehanddrawing

Blue Hand Drawing channel is a learning platform for all types of drawings, art, sketch and paintings. This channel mainly focus on drawing tutorials for beginners or new learners. As you know, A nice drawing express itself. Paintings are great source of communication between many eras. Arts and crafts always enhance creativity, increase emotional soundness, boost problem solving skills and reduce stress. We all need great imaginations to be a successful artist. My aim is to show people how to start this creativity in most easiest ways. In many drawings, I played with light, shade and shadow within my artwork. Also I have shown the depth of colors, thickness of shades and variations of gradient colors, means smooth transition of multiple colors when blend together.

Blue Hand Drawing channel will show drawing videos in various mediums.
You can see drawing tutorials on pencil sketch, color drawings, arts and crafts, acrylic paintings and oil pastel drawings. Drawing made easy and fun here. Also introducing amazing ways of art. All the creative arts are very interesting, fun doing and mind blowing endeavors.

I always try to explain the drawing features with original audio. You can easily understand the drawing tips and tricks. In shorts you can also find many easy drawing ideas. This channel focus on the most popular drawings and easy drawings for the beginners. Medium of instruction is English here for universal audience. Explanations are simple and easy for basic learners. Most of my canvas are DIY homemade canvas, made with bamboo, wood, paper and other materials.

Please browse through the playlist to select your own choices. Stay with us and You can find thousands of drawings in so many categories. Select your freedom of choices and start learning in a easy way. The drawings of the playlist include Scenery drawing, Acrylic Painting, Water color painting, Fish drawing, Country Map drawing, People & Figure drawing, Face & portrait drawing, Animal drawing, Comics Character Art, Cartoon drawing, House drawing, Circle scenery drawing, Vehicle drawing, Boat Drawing, Aircraft drawing, National flags drawing, Vegetables drawing, Fruits drawing, Tree drawing, Pen drawing, Pencil sketch, Color pencil drawing, DIY arts and crafts, Flower drawing, Romantic Couple Drawing, and many more to come in future.

Please subscribe the channel for regular updates and stay connected. Everyday we will bring more interesting videos. You can also find other links in the banner of this channel. My other YouTube channel links are also available at the bottom of the home button. Learn in a easy way. I hope my efforts will serve your goal, make success and work effectively.

Enjoy the drawings and have fun.
God bless you.


Landscape Painting | Canvas Painting | Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Mountains and waterfalls drawing and painting | Beautiful Nature painting

How to draw a scenery of beautiful nature / landscape step by step

Scenery Drawing / Simple Landscape Scenery Drawing / How to Draw Beautiful Landscape Scenery

Very Very Easy Scenery Drawing & Painting

simple techniques for drawing beautiful Scenery in a short time

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basic drawing tips for beginners

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