🇦🇺 How To Make Latte Art At Home Without Coffee – Latte Art Tutorials | Breville Duo Temp Pro

Here’s a coloured latte art compilation of my first day using the Breville Duo Temp Pro to do some latte arts without coffee espresso at home.
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The food colouring are from my local grocery store so they are cheap and easy to use! I must say that I’m rather impressed at the steaming power of the Breville Duo Temp Pro as it wasn’t as weak as many mentioned. I messed up a few of the pours as I was still feeling out the steaming power.

Quick heads up that it will be more difficult to pour in food colour as there is no crema so it will require more control of the flow of your pour. A massive advantage to this is, once you perfect your craft in coloured latte arts, pouring in espresso will be so much easier!

As a barista coming from a commercial machine, you definitely need to adapt to this machine but it’s a pretty neat little coffee machine to practice and hone your skills at home!

For those wondering the cost for the stuff I used in the video:
Breville Duo Temp Pro – $330
Food colouring – $1 a bottle
Acme Evolution 190ml Cappucino Cup – $22

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