An Artist’s Guide to Creating NFT Success

NFTs allow artists to profit from their work in the digital world—but how? Here, photographer Jeremy Cohen breaks down the story behind one of his first NFT projects, The Rooftop Series, and explains how the medium empowers artists. Learn more about NFTs on Skillshare:



00:00 Meet Jeremy
01:06 Intro to NFTs
01:44 The Rooftop Series
02:58 Minting NFTs: Why and How
04:21 Building a Discord Community
04:45 What to Know Before You Mint Your First NFT
05:46 Consulting with Friends
06:24 Empowering Artists with NFTs
07:02 Join Jeremy on Skillshare



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Jeremy Cohen is a photographer who lives and works in Brooklyn. Photo and video editing are some of his creative passions aside from chess, ping pong, and traveling. His portfolio includes shooting for music festivals where he has shot artists like Post Malone, Lizzo, and Childish Gambino. Jeremy’s ongoing portrait series ‘Today I photographed’ tells raw stories of everyday people. His recent project ‘Rooftop Culture During Quarantine’ landed him his first-ever magazine cover for New York Magazine.



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  1. oh man, sad to see this. Really respected your company and learned a lot from your content over the years. NFTs are incredibly harmful to artists and the environment. Please rethink this and do not encourage people to engage in and perpetuate a scam that enables massive amounts of fraud and money laundering

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