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Color Theory – A Beginners Guide

My Digital Art for Beginners Course:

You’ve drawn some pretty pictures but now it’s time to add colors. Here are some tips and tricks (and the principles behind them) that will help you get started. If you’re a beginner artist or illustrators this takes you through the steps of coloring your art. If you are looking to color comics or paint a landscape color is an important tool.

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  1. By the way, red yellow and blue are not the primary colors.
    For lights and computer monitors, the primaries are red, GREEN, and blue.
    For paints and inks, the primaries are MAGENTA, yellow, and CYAN.

  2. My pack of 64 crayons!
    Part 1(1-16)
    1 white
    2 cream
    3 lemon yellow
    4 yellow
    5 dandelion
    6 marigold
    7 goldenrod
    8 apricot
    9 orange
    10 salmon
    11 tangerine
    12 pumpkin
    13 flesh
    14 scarlet
    15 light red
    16 red orange
    Part 2(17-32)
    17 red
    18 strawberry
    19 maroon
    20 cranberry
    21 fire engine
    22 burgundy
    23 plum
    24 purple
    25 lavender
    26 iris
    27 orchid
    28 pink
    29 magenta
    30 eggplant
    31 indigo
    32 royal purple
    Part 3(33-48)
    33 blue
    34 navy blue
    35 cadet blue
    36 denim
    37 dodger blue
    38 azure
    39 turquoise
    40 cyan
    41 sky blue
    42 powder blue
    43 robin egg blue
    44 blue green
    45 peacock green
    46 dark green
    47 paris green
    48 jade
    Part 4(49-64)
    49 green
    50 lime green
    51 olive green
    52 asparagus
    53 shamrock
    54 sage green
    55 brown
    56 chocolate
    57 burnt sienna
    58 light brown
    59 khaki
    60 yellow ochre
    61 light ash grey
    62 blue grey
    63 dark grey
    64 black

  3. Looking online I have seen beautiful pictures from fishes, flowers and I am wondering if I can use the colors from those pictures and use it on designing art or applying it on art found in Leonardoai of mid journey?

  4. This is an AMAZING video! I never understood colour theory until now. I will recommend this to any artist who wants to understand colour theory.

  5. Its absolutely mind blowing sir🔥🔥… I am a big fan of drawing but due to my class 12th studies I am unable to give attention to my passion…. 😞After my exams I will surely keep in mind these points and apply them in my paintings 😇😇

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