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Digital Art Photoshop Process – Skull / Monster Design – Part Two

This digital art drawing timelapse process of a gothic, horror, creepy skull monster, focusses on creating character through design and atmosphere; whilst finding a balance between expressive strokes, texture and detail. I believe an effective monster design should retain a strange sense of ‘beauty’ which intrigues and draws the viewer in, rather than repel them.

The combination of human structure, beastial and imagined elements helps produce a fusion that is recogniseable, yet unknown, hopefully causing a haunting, unnerving and surreal effect. Careful application of both textured and loose marks prevents overrendering, which can often remove life and movement from an image.

Created in Adobe Photoshop with my custom collection of digital brushes; made to immitate the texture and charm found in traditional artwork.

I hope this timelapse video inspires you to create traditional or digital art, tackle drawing a horror or fantasy character and produce better artwork armed with new knowledge and confidence.

Post a question in the Comments section below, I will try to reply to the best of my ability.

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