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Getting Started in Digital Art as a Traditional Artist – My Experience After Two Weeks

This is what I think about digital art after two weeks, and my opinion is subject to change as I spend more time with the tablet and Photoshop. Meanwhile I am considering switching to Paint Tool SAI because I feel like Photoshop is not designed for drawing. Any suggestions?

Some background information about me: I am 18 years old as of the upload date of the video, and have spent around 9 years doing anime artworks with pencil and paper (without coloring). The amount of practice in between is inconsistent.

Time spent on the timelapse: ~7 hours. (needs to increase my speed XD, but it’s my first time though)



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  1. im a complete beginner artist and ive been trying to draw digitally and traditionally equally. my drawings traditionally are honestly pretty good for a complete noob but whenever i try to do the exact same thing digitally it looks worse than i've ever been traditionally. digitally i use an iPad with apple pen in clip studio paint.

  2. i got a drawing tablet for christmas about 4 months ago and i still have barely gotten used to it. traditional art feels a lot more stable, while the drawing tablet feels too smooth. it’s harder to make everything clean when your pen keeps sliding all over the smooth screen. i wish there was a drawing software that let you set your hand on the screen without it drawing a bunch of random lines

  3. I have a question. 🔻

    I am not an artist but have the energy to spend a couple of hours sketching anything on paper. My artwork is never finished. Two years ago, I purchased a Wacom tablet to try digital art. Spend a couple of days drawing with the tablet and left it since then only because of grappling with the hand-eye coordination difficulty.

    I am thinking of trying the graphics tablet again. I am not a subscriber. I found this video as a suggestion, I guess. That's why I am not aware of your other videos and your progress on digital art. I would like to watch your other videos for inspiration. You've got a subscriber.

    Here's the question: You have spent approximately 7 hours on this art, that's a lot of time. I would really like to know how much time it will take if you would have to draw the same art digitally after practicing for three and a half years?

    Thank you for creating art on YouTube. 💖

  4. I’m really sketchy because of traditional art—lineart feels impossible digitally ;—; I wish I could do it better though because when I see digitally colored drawings, they’re so pretty and I want to be able to create things like that too

  5. The hand-eye coordination is the reason why I'm looking into a screen drawing tablet because my hand eye coordination sucks so much it's not even funny

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