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Learning Perspective? You NEED to know this.


In this video I discuss how to actually learn perspective, putting how you’ve likely been taught it works behind. “One point perspective” doesn’t work in many cases and entirely misses the point. All perspective is 3-point perspective, and when you understand this it gets a lot easier. Artists need to learn to draw in perspective with a sense of 3D space to improve their art.

Other useful channels for this subject: Porko, Moderndayjames, Drawabox

Equipment I use:
Art: Clip Studio Paint EX, Huion Kamvas Pro 22
Screen & Audio Recording: OBS
Video Recording: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Victiv 54inch Phone Tripod
Microphone: Razer Seiren Mini, InnoGear MS038 Boom Arm
Editing: DaVinci Resolve

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  1. 100% best perspective tutorial right here. infinitely far-away vanishing points are the best explanation for how 3d shapes project onto 2d surfaces.

    also, to add to why a bit of warping is okay (and why straight perspective can get a bit rigid): most photographs have some amount of warp to them too (especially near the edges of a frame) due to how lenses work. you can get away with a LOT more warping than you think and still have a convincing perspective effect

  2. unfortunately for you 1point perspective actually exists but in rare situations and have to mention its a start just to not overcomplicate perspective and really good for teaching purpose
    plus: 5:09 your character feets are so small and legs are too short and thighs are extra long compared to lower knees

  3. Interesting. I am surprised I never thought about that part of "one point perspective" and "two point perspective" this whole time being third point perspective.

    Thank you for this insight.

  4. I'm pretty sure your wrong about 1 point perspective. You can still see the sides of an object when the lines are horizontal. They just need to be on the left or right of your stationary point. This application has been proven and that's why classes teach it.

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