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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Some nft executives/ financial planners are are going to hear your presentation of this type of post… could be an official presenter in this area. I hear these presenters in gold, silver, stocks, your style is very similar. Imo. It could generate some $ for you I’m sure.

  2. So sad. I bought the first week of launch. They came out before of the NFT currencies and just gave up on the project. It goes up 25% drops 25% now up 59% today. It will go down the same. Again no marketing no investors.

  3. NFTArt, unlike other currencies, has utility and a developing ecosystem, this makes it practically unique (considering that most can only promise), it is very likely that once the ecosystem reaches a point, they will reduce the supply, same or similar to what SFM did. If you have seen the graphic of NFTArt, you will realize that this moment like no other is the best to buy.

  4. NFT art needs to do a lot more. They let go there CEO but didn't replace him. They need a face to there company. Need marketing, very good project but if now one knows about it the project will fail. They should just hire you, you are the only making videos about NFT art.

  5. Thanks for the content. It is a good project, but as long as there is no marketing it will never work. You are the only one talking about this project and that says a lot. I hope the team will change this soon

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