No Water Needed – 3 DIFFERENT Marble nail art Tutorials

Subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/1UDLr1B Show Me if you try one of the 3 different No water drag mrable Nail Design Tutorial in blue teal and white! a Perfect Peacock Nail Art Idea in abstract, try them Share it on my instagram: https://instagram.com/robinmosesnailart/

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My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robinmoses
Robin Moses Blog: http://robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com

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  1. Every time I try a design like this I mess them up because it takes so long to dry. Do you have any tips? That was a lot of polish at one time, I have even tried super dry top coat, the spray that salons use and a lamp. Realistically it seems it takes hrs for each nail to dry and any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  2. Hi Robin my name is gentle and I've been watching you since 2 months now you're very helpful but you got one big problem you're a terrible camera question I know you don't watch your videos but please be a better camera person cuz I could never see what you're really doing God bless you could'

    jobs terrible camera😂😂😂😂 person

  3. Awesome design Ms.Robin!😍😍💅🏻👍🏼😊☺️I will definitely practice doing this nail art💅🏻👍🏼

  4. Omg I’m glad I found this one, way easier then the other video u did with almost the same colors. I like the other better but this one I am able to do. It gives me hope that with practice I will be able to do the more complicated one. I’m so glad I found this video.

  5. it looks like you have to start with dry be color and then add a wet coat of the base color before drag marbling. I tried this today and failed miserably because I tired this on wet base color at least that is why I think I failed. please help me robin moses.

  6. Hello Robin! My name is Ana Silva, i started with nail art thank to you and tartofraises. Really love both, your stile is different. Im nurse in this moment i cant work due to distonia, but i can paint my nails. If you dont know what distonia is, look on youtube Federico distonia. I feel blessed after all, i discovered so many things thanks to distonia. I had to leave my couple, he didnt understand, also i would like make a tutorial for nails about it. The colour for distonia is deep blue, really wonderfull colour.
    My page on facebook is Uñas Santa Ana, in Valencia, Spain. Also i discovered that wigs protect and are warm for my distonia, in the neck!!!! So fun. On face look anitasmnurse@hotmail.com, on youtube distonia69@gmail.com, and in change.org divulgacion distonia,. You saved me of depression and sadness, there is few people that can do what you do, a hobby, a distraction, teaching all people with your talent, and you are an angel, really, you are. You deserve the best for you !!

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