VeeCon Day 2: Trading Cards, NFTs and Celebrities !

Join us for Day 2 at VeeCon, where we dive into the world of trading cards, NFTs, and celebrity speakers!

From Pokémon cards to Magic the Gathering and VeeFriends collectibles, we explore the treasure trove of vintage and collectible items. 💎

Don’t miss as we stop by NFT booths like Dapper Dino’s 🦖 and Super Ducks 🦆 discovering the fascinating world of blockchain-based art and digital collectibles 🎨 and gaming 🎮

But that’s not all! We also take a thrilling ride down the VeeFriends slide 🛝 making our way to the main stage where we were captivated by the inspiring speeches of Drew Barrymore and Neil Patrick Harris. 🎤🌟

I was also lucky to grabbed some fantastic VeeFriends merch goodies for my kids and an awesome box of Pins for feature giveaways for our podcast supporters 🎁 😉

Stay tuned for more incredible VeeCon experiences as we continue our journey, uncovering the magic of Web3 and beyond!

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