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What Digital Art Programs I Use And Why

In this video I talk to you about my Top 4 choices for creating digital art. You will learn what some of their strengths and weaknesses are to help you better understand which one to choose. I go over Clip Studio Paint ( Manga Studio 5 ), Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, and Procreate.

Feel free to comment below and let others know what you think of these amazing applications or which ones you prefer!

If you are looking to expand you knowledge on how to use any of these programs you can learn more on my Udemy courses here –

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  1. Many of us "professionals" went from Photoshop to Affinity. Does everything and more.
    Photoshop hasn't spent any money on research for new tools and development. They're just regurgitating the same old garbage.
    Liquify in Affinity is far better than Photoshop for example. Because they spent time making it better rather than how to nickle and dime you more.


  3. Cool vid, thank you! What about Paint Tool SAI though? People say, its pretty good – especially the Pen is better that in Ps, they say. And what program should I use for setting the page or frame if I draw in Photoshop, for example? They say (yeah, they again)) that its better to do it in Adobe InDesign

  4. One question… please anyone answer 🤗 I'm still a student & i can't afford pen tablet and iPad… it's too expensive, so I'm using my mouse to "draw" I'll have my sketch ready and then I redraw the outlines with my mouse (using art brush in illustratior for now) but I find it quite difficult… I would love to try other softwares with better, easier options for painting… i would like to get the look like it's done in procreate heh. Amazing stuff btw… i see lots of custom made brushes, filters on that, it's awesome… my question is which software is the best to use for good painting with some cool options? Keep in mind I don't use tablet or iPad 😔

    Thanks in advance 🤗

  5. Photoshop "liquefy" looks like "Warp Brush" in Corel Paint Shop Pro! I mostly use Paint Shop Pro for the past 20 years, and it's pretty cheap compared to Photoshop, and it does a LOT of what Photoshop does. Even allows macro recording and editing them as scripts. Just wanted to mention it.

  6. Enjoyed this, just getting back into art after few years, using a graphics tablet due to injury/disability issues. Found the explanation of these programs/apps useful.

  7. ive only used photoshop, and i dont really like it for drawing and sketches neither do i want to do monthly subscriptions from adobe like illustrator

  8. So i would love help on this
    I have photoshop cc because my dad makes photos and stuff so he got the package where you also get photoshop with light room to support the developers because he had it cracked and used it so much it would be very nice to pay them because he uses lightroom often so i was allowed to have one of his 2 downloads
    so i also have clip studio paint(previously manga studio) 'cause i got it with my intuos comic
    I am planning on buying either the cintiq 16, the artist 15.6 pro or the artist 22e(or maybe non e) pro
    So i like drawing manga style or i want to learn drawing manga style
    Should i use photoshop or clip studio paint 'cause i wonder if people use csp for the price or for the convenience to draw manga style?

  9. Sketchbook Pro is completely free now!

    Clip Studio Paint Pro is $50 ($25 if you buy the cd from Amazon). The EX version is the expensive one. If art isn't your income source, there's no reason to get EX over Pro.

  10. I use Paintstorm studio for my drawings … it's 19$ for license and 29$ for 2. Also i bought Mischief for sketching because i like the infinite canvas and the vector lines (So basically i can draw vector drawings in it too :D)

  11. CSP also has a version below Ex, Pro, for $49.99, sometimes $20-25 if it's on sale. There's another one, too, Debut, lower, but it's the beginner and has a lot fewer features. Not sure about the price on that one. Just FYI.

  12. The only thing Photoshop does better than CSP (drawing related tools that is) is the liquify tool. Using mesh transform in csp is just not the same

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