Woodturning : Maple and wooden vase

The only way to carve wood with pieces of wood
Wood turning is one of the methods of making and changing the shape of wood, in which a piece of wood is moved and rotated, and a sharp tool, which is mostly made according to its ability, is placed on the wood to give the desired shape to the wood. .
A lathe usually consists of a special device and a cutting tool that rotates at a high speed and with the help of this device, cuts the wood to get a geometric shape.
In the wood industry
The lathe turns the wood while the carpenter uses various cutting tools to shape the wood into the desired shape. Woodturning is one of the most important techniques used to create kitchen or decorative utensils, functional objects such as bowls, vases and tool handles, to purely decorative pieces such as sculptures and art forms.
Each tool is designed for specific cutting techniques and to achieve different shapes and details.
Wood carving makes you creative
Carpenters and carpenters can create complex designs, decorations and textures by manipulating cutting tools and changing the speed and movement of the lathe. They can also use different types of wood with unique grains, colors and features to enhance the end result.
Safety is very important in woodworking
Tools used in wood cutting:
Scraper and separating tool
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