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Taylor Swift vs Project NEWM

Explore how Taylor Swift’s influence is shaping the music industry and how Project NEWM is revolutionizing music with NFTs in this eye-opening video. Join us as we delve into the intersection of crypto and music, showcasing the power of blockchain to empower artists and fans alike.

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  1. tbh, I am in my mid-60s and don't understand (or give a rat's ass) about crypto or blockchain. Disclaimer: I did a degree in Library Science, and dislike sloppy research.

    To me, it all seems like a complicated scam. I do know a bit about Swift though: like, 2018 was the year she left Big Machine, and performed her last tour, and put her Netflix documentary of the tour up. 2019 was the year Borchetta sold his label group to Braun's Ithaca Holdings. 2019 was the year Lover was released, and the start of the public shitstorm that became the latest Braun/Swift feud. So, right off the bat, you have an issue with me —- bad research. The late 2019 release of Lover is also the reason she didn't tour for the album — pandemic restrictions by the time the tour was ready to go.

    so, at the end of the video, I have no clue what this project actually offers. The only thing Taylor had to do with crypto was refuse a deal to promote FTX's unsecured securities (prob because her dad was a Merrill Lynch executive before running her management team). Whether there is a disruption in the music industry or not, Swift (like Prince, McCartney, MJ, and others) is promoting artist's rights— but she has also come out and publicly said that studios do have a role, and need to be compensated. Her vision of the artist's masters being transferred to the artist's sole ownership comes after the label has a chance to make back their investment (they front the artist money, studio time, radio promotion, and book the tours). And, as the studios will argue, not every artist who got signed makes money. Most, actually, fail. The successes, like Swift, fund many artists who never actually get that record done. She is looking for a better balance; call it Karma.

  2. It all starts with Taylor Swift!
    She's really in music industry and she knew what's good not only for herself but for those also in music industry i.e. artists. So in other words, she was the main source of this great idea! So brilliant yet so humble!

  3. Thanks Josh. I totally agree music needs to move to blockchain for the benefit of the artists and the fans. You may have seen it already, but Farid did a video on Demu music project. If it’s a good project, I’m all for some DeFi music.

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